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Here is information about Uganda Culture and Traditions. Uganda as nation has got a very strong cultural heritage with a number of regions with Kingdoms that describes different tribes and their culture and these include Buganda, Toro, Bunyoro, Busoga and Rwenzururu kingdoms. Ugandans are remarkably hospitable people with a diversity of rich culture and lifestyles each one with its own traditional dance.

Uganda Culture and TraditionsCultural dances and their corresponding tribes

These cultural dances are locally described as Runyege and Entogoro dances by Batoro, Batuku and Banyoro  of Western Uganda, Kitaguriro by Banyankore people, Bwora and Otole dances by Acholi people of Northern Uganda, Mwanga  cultural dance performed by Bagisu people usually during their circumcision (Imbalu) ceremonies , Agwal cultural dance by the Alur people of West Nile, Muwogola and Nankasa dances by Baganda of central Uganda, Irongo and Nalufuka dances by Basoga people, Akembe dance by Iteso people of Eastern Uganda,  Gaza dance by Lugbara people of West Nile region, Kikebe dance by Bakonzo people in western Uganda mainly on the slopes of mount Rwenzori and Endonga cultural dance of Karamojongs the Agro pastoral herders mainly found in North eastern region of Uganda.

Besides cultural dances Uganda’s culture and traditions is expressed through local Arts and crafts made from local materials such as papyrus reeds, clay and wood. These art and crafts include weaved baskets, wood carvings, beaded jewelleries. All these and many more can be found at all points of the country for example in craft/gift shops, hotel/lodges, urban galleries and national Threaters. Always consider taking on a cultural tour while on a safari to Uganda and explore the beautiful culture of Ugandans in the known destinations.   Alpha Wild Safaris takes you through a cultural tour to cultural sites and more of Eco-tourism in Uganda and Rwanda.

Some of the cultural sites in Uganda

Kasubi Royal Tombs

This is a very important cultural site in the Buganda Kingdom located 5km from the capital city Kampala on the Kasubi hill. This cultural site is a UNESCO heritage place and is known in history as a burial ground of four Baganda Kings locally referred to as” Kabaka“. Much Respect and Royalty is given to this site as it holds great historical treasures in Baganda kingdom and for a number of centuries the Ganda rituals have been performed in this same place. This is a worth place to visit while on a tour in Uganda.

Namugogo Martyrs shrine

This is a vital shrine in history especially for the Christians. It is known as a laying ground for over twenty two (22) catholic Christian converts and twenty three (23) of Anglican Christians who were brutally executed following the orders of Kabaka Mwanga ii in 1886. A lot of pilgrims are made to this place yearly by both Roman Catholic Christian churches and Anglican churches both within the country and across the Global a public holiday that is celebrated every 3rd June of the year to remember and pray for the fellow Christians who gave out their lives for Christ’s case.

Sezibwa Falls

These fascinating spiritual falls hold a unique significance to Baganda people. These falls are found in Mukono district a few kilometers from Kampala. These falls have interesting spiritual features that Baganda people define and believe as a tradition.

Besides being a site they are also create amazing sightings of various bird species, spectacular waterfalls as well as Rock climbing. Include Sezibwa falls on your next trip/tour to Uganda and have a memorable experience for the existing attractions to explore. These are major cultural sites that you wouldn’t exclude on your trip while in Uganda, there are many more sites across the country to mention but a few.


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