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For those are planning to do a gorilla tracking safari in Uganda, the following Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations would apply (as set out in the printed leaflet by the Uganda Wildlife Authority ‘Gorilla Rules’). These Do’s & Don’t s Of Gorilla Trekking should be followed when dealing with Gorillas in their natural habitat. Do's & Don't s Of Gorilla Trekking Here are some of the Do’s & Don’t s Of Gorilla Trekking
  • Gorillas have got 98% of human DNA which makes them prone to human disease contraction from man and that’s the reason it’s recommended to always keep a 7 meter distance when in contact with any gorilla family or when very ill you are sometimes recommended not to trek for reasons of conserving for generations.
  • Leave a distance of not less than 5 meters between you and the gorillas.
  • You are not allowed to eat or smoke within 200 meters of the gorillas.
  • Do not spit on vegetation or soil while in the park.
  • Flash photograph is strictly forbidden.
  • You don’t have to surround the gorillas but remain in a tight group
  • When trekking gorillas in the jungle, you are advised to minimize on the noise that may scare them away or make them aggressive.
  • Also while in the habitat of the gentle giants, you are advised not to litter any waste for example empty water bottles and other belongings mainly for conservation reasons and enable their multiplication.
  • While trekking gorillas, visitors are also advised to control excitement when in presence with any gorilla family that may disrupt their freedom.
  • To access or trek gorillas, one needs to have at least 15 years of age and above to get granted to trek these gentle giants in their habitats.
  • In case of long calls while trekking, you are advised to dig a hole of about 30cm with the help of your ranger guide and bury your waste appropriately to prevent any transmissions to the precious giants of the jungle.
These among many are the vital Do’s & Don’t s Of Gorilla Trekking but it also requires human conscience since we are dealing with Wild animals. Besides the  Basic Requirements of Gorilla trekking One ought to have a sober state of mind and good judgement while undertaking this activity.  
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