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+256 787 224 568 / +256 772 399 794/ +256-777 830 340 Plot 4, Kimathi Avenue Kampala Uganda.

Our Car Hire services include transportation in Kampala & throughout Uganda Providing Quality Transportation meeting your needs Well maintained Vehicles, Accident Free Drivers, English Speaking Staff, by day or week Uganda Cars, Vans, Buses for Hire at the most competitive Rates.

At Alpha Wild Safaris we aim at providing effective car hire and best services to our customers. When traveling to Uganda, there are many opportunities of getting a car at your disposal. The country has good roads with road-signs and traffic guides. We have a wide range of affordable cars including 4×4 Station Wagons like Land cruisers, 4 seat Saloon cars like Corona, Corolla and Caldina, 7 seat, 10 seat vans and 12 seat 4×4 Omni buses, 50 up to 60 seat coach buses as well as 25 and 28 seat Costa buses, which are equipped with air conditioning, a sliding roofs, swivel seats, and plenty of leg-room for the guest’s comfort.

At Alpha Wild Safaris we pride in experienced drivers and guides who have had exciting and safe driving expeditions as experts. All vehicle rates are inclusive of a driver/guide.

Our vehicles are Comprehensively/fully Insured, its however important that clients take Personal Accident Insurance inclusive of Medical Repatriation. We rent out vehicles with our drivers but also rent out to those who wish to self-drive but must be 23 years of age or above. They must possess a valid Full driving license for a period of more than 2 years and must have a valid International License

It’s important to note that driving in Uganda is done on the left hand side. Valid road licenses can be received from the Road Transport Office/revenue Authority offices in Kampala. We cover services for airport transfers, tours, Safa conferences and project transport. Avoid unnecessary delays and disappointments. Always be in the right place at the right time. Plan your Kampala/Uganda or East Africa journey with us right now…break the attitude: “Africa no rush” or “Africa we have plenty of time” …book your African ride today.

Uganda Driving and car hire Information, advice & tips

Driving in Uganda is on the left hand side. Visitors need to possess a valid international driving license to drive. Uganda has good passable roads, with road-signs (but not to all of them). There are several car hiring services in Uganda, however, it is convenient for visitors to have an International Driving License. Valid road licenses are endorsed at the Road Transport Office/revenue Authority offices in Kampala before hiring a car for self-drive.

Most car hiring companies recommend that the client take Personal Accident Insurance inclusive of Medical Repatriation, from the point of departure. This is because this is not covered under the vehicle Insurance. Car hire services are also available with several companies providing car rental services. Due to robbery and car, hiring companies prefer renting them with drivers, but self-drive services are also available though still very limited.

Kampala Motor bikes taxis/ Boda-Bodas information/ tips

Motor bikes taxis normally below 125cc locally known as “Boda-Bodas” are supposed to help you move from point to the other in and around Kampala. The charge for about 1km is around 1500 Uganda shillings ($ 0.6 USD) but when they notice that you are a visitor and probably don’t know your way around they will always want to take advantage of you and charge a higher (almost double or even more) price.

The trick is to always bargain. They are very helpful in places where taxis do not exist and beating the Kampala city traffic jam. However, generally speaking, Boda-Bodas are very risky, claim lives the biggest causality turn over in Kampala hospitals and in case of any accident your body is hurt and bike broken. It is one great experience to ride on one but it’s also a different experience and time you are likely to spend in hospital. My personal advices to Uganda visitor to avoid and only use them when they have to, otherwise whoever uses them let it be at their own risk. Write or call us now for Kampala/Uganda detailed-today’s travel-everything and let us see how we can help you out.

Things you need to know about Alpha Wild Safaris Car Hire/Rentals.

  • All airport transfers charges (pick up and drop offs) include gas, rental and the driver.
  • Other rental charges except airport transfers do not include gas.
  • All rental charges which include the driver also cover his allowances i.e accommodations and meals.
  • All cars offered for self-drive have come with full insurance at no extra cost.
  • Long term (7 days plus) discounts are possible but negotiable depending on length.
  • It’s important that we know the day you plan go and your, and the day when return the vehicle.
  • We have no idea how much fuel you may need for your journey but we can advise after we have a sketch of your ground transportation.
  • Cab services are possible but the price is negotiable depending on time involved.
  • We don’t recommend saloon/small cars for country side trips.
  • We can take you anywhere in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania and Parts of South Sudan..

If you are planning to hire a vehicle feel free to contact us for advice as we’ll be glad to arrange it for you.


We offer a number of Vehicles for Hire from Economy to Luxury. We offer customized Four-Wheel-Drive Cars best for African Safaris including Vans, Land cruisers, Toyota Rav4’s among others.


Car Hire

  • Model: Toyota Rav4 1998
  • Number of Seats: 4
  • Amount: $65 per day
  • Available for Self drive


Model: From 1998

Number of Seats: 4

Available for Selfdrive


Model: Toyota Land cruiser

Number of Seats: 4

Amount: $75 per day

Available for Self drive


Model: Toyota Land cruiser V8

Number of Seats: 4

Available for Self drive


Get to Learn more about how to drive in Uganda, the traffic rules and regulations, best rental cars, travel advise & tips, Insurance policies, Car rental agreements and conditions among others.


Need a Car to hire and Finally done with your journey preparations. You can hire with us a Car by simply sending us an email or reaching us on any of our Phone Numbers on the Website.

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