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This 9 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari takes tourists to take part in hiking the world famous Rwenzori Mountains. Marvel at the beautiful Pearl of Africa as you climb the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains up to the Margherita Peak. Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Mount Rwenzori national park Day 2: Do the first hiking to Nyabitaba hut for 5-7 hours and overnight Day 3: Hiking from nyabitaba to John Matte hut for about 7 hours and have an overnight Day 4: Start hiking from John Matte to Bujuku hut and have and overnight Day 5: Hike from from Bujuku up to Lake Kitandara hut to Magherita or Stanley peak then later have an overnight Day 6: Descend from Lake Kitandara up to Guy Yeoman hut and have overnight Day 7: Then descend to Nyabitaba up to Nyakaligila then retire for an overnight Day 8:  From Nyabitaba hut then descend to Nyakalenngija the park headquarters to meet your driver Day 9: Transfer to Kampala or Entebbe airport for your flight connections.


Day 1: Transfer from Kampala to Kasese for mount Rwenzori After early breakfast the lodge, you will then be picked by your driver guide and you setoff to Kasese town where you will be able to shop the required food items for the safari in the mountain and then get to the hotel and retire for dinner and overnight. 9 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hiking SafariAccommodations Luxury-Magherita hotel Mid-range-Montana tented camp Budget-Mihingo safari lodge Day 2: Transfer to Mount Rwenzori headquarters and do the first hiking After morning breakfast after the hotel, you will drive to Ibanda the park headquarters where you be able to pay all the necessary payments, select guides and porters and then start the hiking right from the headquarters up to Nyabitaba hut that lasts for 5-7 hours and you will have an overnight to the same place. Day 3: Do the second hiking from Nyabitaba hut up to John Matte After your breakfast at Nyabitaba hut, you will then follow the route and continue to Kurt Shaffer Bridge crossing Bujuku and Mubuku rivers up to John Matte that is 3415m for about 7 hours. You will then have your overnight at John Matte that will be your starting point for the next day of hiking.   Day 4: Set for the next hike from John Matte to Bujuku hut Early morning after breakfast at John Matte, you will then commence with the trail from John Matte crossing river Bujuku and enter the Bigo bog, the same trail that will lead you cross the drier grounds up to Lake Bujuku overlooking Mt. Baker and Speke in the North. You will still follow the same trail up to Bujuku hut which is 3962m and the hike here takes about 3-5hours with an overnight at Bujuku hut.   Day 5: Do the final hike that leads to the Margherita peak After an early breakfast at Bujuku, you will then continue with hike from Bujuku hut to Scott Elliot leading to Elena Hut that is about 44300m. This place is the starting point to the Magherita peak or Stanley that is 5109m. You will then follow the central circuit through the alpine zone of sparse low vegetation to crater lakes and drop to Kitandara hut for overnight.                                                                                             Day 6: Descending back from Lake Kitandara to Guy Yeoman hut After an early breakfast at Kitandara hut, you will then descend down wards leaving Magherita peak Northwards and Democratic Republic of Congo westwards where on a clean you will be able have good sights on the big area of Congo and the famous tropical forests of Congo. Then still descend up to Guy yeoman hut and have an overnight. Day 7: Descending from Yeoman Hut to Nyabitaba After breakfast at Yeoman, you will descend from Yeoman hut to Nyabitaba hut and the journey here is quiet long because of the river crossing that may take you about 5 hours and it is also possible to descend to Nyakalegila that may take you other 2 hours.   Day 8: Descending from nyabitaba or Nyakalegila to Nyakalengija Usually after breakfast, you will then descend to Nyakalengija the park headquarters where you meet your tour driver and then drive you back to the hotel in Kasese town for refreshments, relax and retire for dinner and overnight. Day 9: Transfer back to Kampala After breakfast at the lodge, you will then set off for Kampala or Entebbe for your flight connections. End of the 9 Days Rwenzori Mountains Hiking Safari.
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